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Company Profile

Reliance is a long established Hong Kong company which provides a comprehensive PCB manufacturing service to a global customer base.

Established in 2002, we have continued to grow and fine tune our manufacturing capabilities, providing single and double-sided circuit board production. In addition to basic technology PCBs, we also offer multi-layer technologies and quick turn around prototype production. We offer a wide range of special materials, flexible & semi-flexible designs and also assembly services to complement our portfolio.

Reliance strives to provide a fast, competent response to customer requirements with a clear understanding that on-time delivery is critical to your production process.

Furthermore, our commitment extends further than production excellence; we also focus on environmental protection and recognise workers' rights in an environment that encourages excellence.

Reliance Technology Dev offer fully RoHS compliant products and utilise in-house waste water treatment.

We understand and recognise that taking care of the workers and the environment means taking care of our business.